who we are

We are award-winning storytellers who are intrigued by the drama and surprise of “spontaneous reality” and have chosen the moving image as our favored medium. In other words, we are documentary filmmakers. We have over three decades of business management and marketing sensibilities plus a portfolio of award-winning filmmaking expertise.

mccandlessMy story in 160 words

Cristina McCandless, Crone’s Eye Collective Founder

Grandma got tired of her super-8 movie camera and gave it to me. I was 14. I’d already built my reputation as the family documentarian using Dad’s Korean War Era 35mm rangefinder. My super-8 directorials involved small children and a local cemetery. Then the camera broke. Of all Grandma’s gear, the little editing machine that sliced and diced film fascinated me most. To this day, I love editing best.

Fast Forward: Life’s highways lead me to college, advertising, grad school, historic preservation and finance before dropping me into a start-up wholesale seafood business on the wharves of San Francisco. Each off ramp along the way fed my growing obsession with entrepreneurial personalities.

The century turned: While living my aesthetic dream in New Mexico, using hired filmmakers to document my economic development projects, I fell back in love with filmmaking, completed The College of Santa Fe’s Documentary Studies Certificate Program and ever since, have been producing stories about how people make a living.

The Right Talent

Crone’s Eye Collective partners with New Mexico’s most gifted cinematographers and editors; professionals who are sensitive to the subject matter and understand how to best capture the essential imagery. These collaborations insure that the final compilation of narrative, image, and rhythm are as intriguing as the original subject is inspiring.